What Is BPH?

Most BPH Remedies Work Poorly at Best Because They Are Targeting The Wrong Issues

“I have suffered from an enlarged prostate for the last five years, accompanied urination needs of six times nightly, and the other nagging symptoms. I used large doses of saw palmetto with little help. I have used BioVibe for two weeks, and after three days my condition has totally changed. I have had nights without getting up once, and at worst, twice a night. Thank you. This is a remarkable product.” N.S.

It’s not often that you read testimonies like the one above when it comes to reducing swollen prostate size and relieving those nagging symptoms. Of course some of the time this lack of success is caused by poor quality herbal formulations that just don’t work.

However, the truth of the matter is that most prostatitis formulations and BPH medicines don’t work well because they are barking up the wrong tree.

Conventional prostatitis treatments are causing an action in your body that may help you have just moderate improvement at best. On the whole, they do not address the underlying issues that causes BPH and a swollen prostate. Here’s why.

Most natural prostatitis remedies feature herbs such as saw palmetto, beta sitosterol, pygeum africanum, pumpkin seeds and vitamin B6. These vitamins and herbs reduce DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels in your body. The drugs Avodart and Proscar also reduce DHT levels as they are 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. Basically, reducing DHT levels is the fundamental action taken by all prostate formulations and medicines.
Unfortunately, they’ve got it all wrong.

While it is possible to see some improvement in prostatitis symptoms using these herbs and drugs, there is some good research showing that they fundamentally are taking the wrong action.

If you have an enlarged or swollen prostate causing symptoms ranging from getting up too often at night to urinate, to decreased urine flow, to pain and discomfort, you are not alone.

An enlarged prostate, described medically as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or prostatitis, is so common it seems to be a natural part of aging.

In fact, the American Urological Association reports that by age 60 over half of all men have BPH.

The percentage of men the age of 85 that have BPH is a staggering 90%.

As you know if you’ve been dealing with a swollen prostate for years, far too often herbs and potions, drugs and surgeries, don’t work effectively.
As a case in point, if they were effective, 90% of the men aged 85 wouldn’t suffer from an enlarged prostate.

Until recently we felt that the lack of effectiveness of the typical solutions was a result of them just not doing their job well. But new information had lead us to realize that this lack of effectiveness is caused by the fact that these herbs and medicines aren’t targeting the real causes of prostatitis. According to this research, the major cause of a swollen prostate is not excess DHT.

So reducing DHT levels, which is what the herbal formulators and your doctor are trying to do, works poorly.

We used to believe the same thing. The thinking goes like this:

After about age 40, more of an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase is produced by men. This enzyme converts testosterone, which we all would like to have as we age, to dihydrotestosterone or DHT. As men age, DHT levels tend to rise because of this increased enzyme production. The argument goes that this increase elevates DHT levels which then causes the prostate to increase in size. Thus these higher DHT levels are one of the major causes of enlarged prostates.

Unfortunately, this way of thinking is just not correct.

The majority of men suffering from enlarged prostates do not have their BPH issues solved by taking herbal formulas featuring Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterol, Pygeum Africanum, pumpkin seeds and other herbs — all of them block the formation of DHT or inhibit its binding to cell receptors in the prostate.

And it’s not because they don’t work effectively — as we once thought.

It’s because they do the wrong thing by focusing on reducing DHT levels. It’s not that reducing DHT levels can’t help. It can. But the action is on the whole ineffective.

Worse still, reducing DHT levels will compromise your virility and sex drive.

(After all, there must be a reason that every male starts producing more DHT after age 40. You need more!)

Unfortunately, virtually every prostate formula on the market features herbs that reduce DHT production. As do Avodart and Proscar. In fact, as the prescriptions meds do an even a better job of shutting down DHT production, using them kills your sex drive even more than the supplements do.

Spending money on supplements and medicines that don’t do a good job of doing much of anything other than reducing your sex drive is not what you want to be spending your money on.

(The other way some pharmaceutical drugs work is to try and increase urine flow with beta blockers that relax the muscles, thus helping to improve flow in some cases. This does nothing to correct the underlying issues causing a swollen prostate.)

In addition to DHT reducing herbs and vitamins, natural prostate formulas often include some antioxidants, some anti-inflammatory herbs, maybe minerals shown to be important to prostate health, even herbs that fight infections. Another issue. (Though the formula’s I’ve seen feature rather poor infection fighters.)

Unfortunately, aside from infections, these aren’t the major, or correct, issues that need to be dealt with.

So, for the majority of men, the medicines and the natural herbal formulas work poorly. As the extremely high percentage of men suffering from BPH or a swollen prostate shows, they fundamentally DON’T get the job done. And unfortunately, as a side effect of reducing DHT, conventional prostatitis treatments also bring down your sex drive.

It may seem strange to you that most everyone, at least in the USA, is doing the same wrong thing. But it takes a while for change to happen, even where there is some very interesting…

Research and clinical use showing that elevated DHT levels are not the real cause of BPH.

It’s not that you can’t get some improvement by reducing DHT levels. There is plenty of research showing that you can. But doing so prevents you from dealing with the the actual cause hormonally, which is entirely in another direction.

In addition, these herbal remedies and all medications fail to deal with a second major issue that may be the underlying cause about a quarter of the time. And do a poor job on dealing with the infection issue too. So…

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