Prostate Infections

Prostatitis is the name for an inflamed prostate that is swollen because it has an infection in it.

Most of the time a prostate infection will be bacterial, but it can be a candida caused fungal infection, virus infection, or even caused by mycoplasma.

When doctors are not sure if a rising PSA and other symptoms of a swollen prostate are caused by cancer, they may put you on a course of antibiotics to see if this takes care of the issue.

If your prostate infection does clear up after taking antibiotics, great, that means the swollen prostate was caused by a bacterial infection.

If it does not improve, then there is a possibility that cancer or other pathogens are involved. Though, of course, it could also be either of the other two causes we cover on this site.

In fact, most of the time prostate infection is not the issue when you have an enlarged prostate, and the antibiotics were a mistake to have used.

Antibiotic use can lead to chronic candida overgrowth as antibiotics kill the friendly bacteria in the intestines. This allows candida yeast/fungus to overgrow and eventually spread throughout the body.

If you’ve had a number of courses of antibiotics, you need to also check and see if you have candida overgrowth.

It can lead to a host of debilitating symptoms and eventually even to cancer. To learn more about this issue and a free and easy home test to determine if you have candida yeast overgrowth, go to:

However, sometimes it really is a bacterial prostate infection that is the main cause of prostatitis.

If the course of antibiotics does not completely get rid of the infection, it could be that there is not enough circulation getting to the prostate, so the antibiotic is not driven deep into it.

To prevent poor circulation to the prostate and to improve overall prostate and sexual functioning, use the Prostate Cradle, as a passive and inexpensive prostate massager. The prostate cradle is an excellent way to increase blood circulation to the prostate and optimize prostate and sexual health.

The Prostate Cradle may also work to release swelling and pain that is caused by the trigger points in the pelvis floor.

This would be much less invasive, and much much less expensive, than going to trigger point therapists or getting the trigger point wand. It wouldn’t be quite as effective, but it would help.

More importantly, as the Prostate Cradle increases circulation to the prostate, more nutrients are able to be carried to the prostate, more toxins can be removed, and any supplement you take to support the prostate would work better.

If the infection is a bacterial infection, modern medicine works most of the time by prescribing antibiotics. If the infection is fungal, viral, or an antibiotic resistant infection, then antibiotics won’t work.

And of course, antibiotics would be completely useless and the wrong thing to use, when an infection is not the issue.

If an infection is the issue, the unfortunate truth is that while the natural prostate formulations being sold on the internet, in stores, or through direct mail reports may mention infections as part of their action, their ingredients actually have few, if any, infection fighters.

The prostate infection fighting ingredients supplied by most prostate supplements, when they actually supply any, are usually ineffective due to being too small of a dose.

The next cause of prostate swelling your doctor should know about, but won’t, as the research on this is fairly recent.

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