Causes of Prostatitis

Here’s the truth about what causes most cases of BPH or prostatitis — in swollen prostates that aren’t because of cancer.

(The development of cancer in the prostate may be actually related to these causes, but the solution must also include knocking out the cancer. will start you on the road of what to do if your swollen prostate is caused by cancer.)

The 3 Causes Of Prostatitis — Which to your detriment, virtually all swollen prostate remedies FAIL to deal with:

Cause #1: Hormonal Imbalance. Most likely the main cause of your prostate swelling (and implicated when cancer is involved).

Cause #2: Prostate Infections. Not as likely the cause of your swollen prostate, but certainly possible.

Cause #3: Backflow of concentrated testosterone into the prostate. Responsible for about 25% of the cases of prostate swelling.

And of course, the more causes of prostatitis that affect you, the worse your swollen prostate will be, and the harder to get rid of it.

Let’s go over each of these in turn. You won’t be able to eliminate your swollen prostate symptoms if you aren’t dealing with the right issues.

Hormonal Imbalances and Prostatitis: Too High DHT is NOT the Problem. Too Low DHT IS.

Below some excerpts frame a very interesting article by Mike Mahler. It will change the way you think about DHT — and get you on the right track — when using our suggested prostatitis remedy, to both stopping those trips to the bathroom and improving your sex drive too.

“According to Ori Hofmekler, (author of Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat) …some researchers consider testosterone merely a prohormone because of its relatively weak actions compared to other androgens, in particular DHT. Ori further describes DHT as …the final word on the male androgen chain and …the king of all male hormones.”

“So how much stronger is DHT when compared to testosterone? Ten times stronger, Hofmekler writes. According to Buhner, DHT shows ten times the androgen receptor uptake of testosterone but significantly, unlike testosterone, DHT isn’t converted into estrogen. Even better, DHT actually blocks the aromatase enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogens. Thus, in addition to being stronger than testosterone, DHT is a potent aromatase inhibitor.”

“Physicians commonly blame DHT as the primary cause of an prostate enlargement but deeper analysis indicates the androgen-to-estrogen balance, along with overall androgen ratios, is the key factor with prostate issues. According to Jonathan Wright, M.D. (Maximize Your Vitality And Potency) the balance of DHT and 4-androstenedione [the precursor of both testosterone and estrogen] should be 1:1….”

“In addition to not being a cause of prostate issues, DHT may actually help shrink enlarged prostates. In France, DHT creams are often prescribed to men with enlarged prostates. Therapeutic DHT can improve the androgen-to-estrogen ratio–without the risk of converting to unwanted estrogens. According to Harrod Buhner: Estradiol–but not DHT–has been found to act with SHBG to cause an eightfold increase in intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) in human BPH tissue, which causes increases growth of the prostate. In other words, in cases of enlarged prostate, estrogen is the likely culprit. Here’s Ori Hofmekler on the same topic: When estrogen is present in excess in a male, it has been shown to cause feminization of the body and metabolic disorders including the enlargement of the prostate.”

“Yet men with prostate issues are typically prescribed medications to block DHT and testosterone under the notion that this will adequately address prostate issues. Not only it this ineffective, it’s a sure-fire method of turning a man into a eunuch. Men feel their best when testosterone, DHT, androstenedione, and DHEA levels are optimized, thus lowering androgen levels….”

“In addition to naturally high levels of DHT not being the culprit for prostates issues, some clinical trials have revealed that even men who take large does of supplemental DHT do not develop any prostate issues. In his book, Buhner cites several clinical trials showing DHT supplementation doesn’t contribute to prostate enlargement. In one clinical trial, subjects applied a topical gel containing 70 milligrams of DHT but follow-up Prostatic-Specific Antigen (PSA) test numbers, a common blood test for prostate disease, did not increase. Furthermore, test subjects actually developed stronger urine streams, a clinical sign of prostate shrinkage.”

“In addition to its role in prostate health, DHT is an incredible mood booster and nervine [has a beneficial effect on the nervous system]. The brain relies on sex hormones, such as DHEA, testosterone, DHT and estrogen, for optimal functioning, but of all these steroid compounds, DHT reigns supreme. Buhner claims that DHT is more important for brain health than even testosterone. Where testosterone’s neural impact subsides after a few hours, DHT’s neural effect can last up to twenty-four hours.”

“In short, optimal DHT levels amount to a better sex life, better mood, and better progress with your strength and conditioning program. Further, studies show DHT helps regulate cholesterol levels and improves body composition.”

In other words, typical prostatitis treatment formulas, including every herbal supplement advertised on the internet, feature Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterol, Pygeum Africanum, Pumpkin Seed, or Vitamin B6 because they, in one way or another, reduce the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

These typical prostatitis relief supplements are used because of the mistaken belief (except in France it seems) that excessive DHT is the problem. While in actual fact low DHT levels and excessive estrogen are the culprit when hormonal issues cause BPH.

Now, if this is true, why is everyone, including your doctor, telling you excessive DHT levels are the problem?

Primarily this is because there has been a lot of research showing that you can reduce the symptoms of a swollen prostate by reducing DHT levels. It’s a little effective, but not greatly effective.

This research drives the sales of all those herbal formulas and medicines that reduce DHT levels.

Even though if you examine this issue more deeply, as a few do, what becomes clear is that you can deal more more effectively with a swollen prostate, if you increase DHT levels and balance out all sex hormone levels.

However, for manufacturers, it is much easier to sell something that everyone else is selling, than it is to go against the trend — even if going against the trend will produce much better results.

And why doesn’t your doctor know about increasing DHT?

To put it simply, the drug companies haven’t come up with a drug that increases DHT while balancing the hormones in general – So your doctor doesn’t know about it.

It’s like this; there is a huge market for anti-acid drugs. They are what your doctor recommends. Yet, every alternative MD and holistic health practitioner knows, and will tell you, that excessive acid production is almost never the problem. The problem is most often caused by low acid production or candida overgrowth fermenting food in the stomach.

So what your doctor has you do may alleviate the symptoms somewhat, but it isn’t dealing with the underlying issue. In fact, it is contributing to the underlying cause of the acid reflux.

This is ideal for the drug companies because then users of these anti-acid drugs and pumps have to keep using the drugs because they never get better.

Something similar is happening with all the prostatitis remedies and medicines — all of them focusing on reducing DHT levels. They fundamentally do the wrong thing. Reducing DHT levels can help with swollen prostate symptoms, but it won’t clear up the problem as it is the absolute wrong action. So you have to keep using them.

Perfect from a marketing prospective.

Again, if you’ve been taking supplements that reduce DHT levels, you’ve been doing the wrong thing. You need to be increasing DHT levels, not decreasing them. Plus balancing DHT with 4-androstenedione hormone levels. Doing so will help you reduce elevated estrogen levels because DHT does not convert to estrogen.

High estrogen levels do more than make you effeminate. They cause your prostate to swell.

Testosterone is converted to estrogen by aromatase enzymes.. If you reduce aromatase enzymes levels and increase the conversion of testosterone to DHT, you’ll boost your virility, and reduce the size of your swollen prostate if the cause of that swelling is hormonal.

Research shows that men age 50 now have as much or more estrogen as 50 year old women.

We pick up estrogen from the environment and foods. There are estrogen like chemicals in detergents, personal care products, water bottles, cans of food (the lining of the metal is plastic), air fresheners, paints, and many more. Plus there is hidden estrogen and other hormones in food. Commercially raised meat production loads up the animals with hormones to speed up their growth.

And soy, which is put in many health products, tends to produce estrogen.

Finally, as we age we tend to put on more fat cells. These fat cells produce aromatase enzymes which turn testosterone into the most powerful form of estrogen, estradiol.

All this estrogen is a major cause of your swollen prostate.

A nutrient in many vegetables, DIM, helps to convert estrogen into a form that will stimulate testosterone release in the bloodstream. All to the good, though not so good that it is dealing with this issue effectively.

And unfortunately, it is usually coupled with all these other herbs that cause exactly the wrong action in your body, reducing levels of DHT, which doesn’t covert to estrogen, and increasing testosterone levels which does convert to estrogen.

There’s more to dealing with a swollen prostate. About half the time, two other issues are also involved. Prostatitis supplements deal marginally with one issue, and not at all with the other.

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