Over the course of several years BioVibe has built a proven track record of helping the vast majority of users suffering from a swollen prostate reduce and even eliminate BPH symptoms. In fact, did you know that most users find that they need to take BioVibe just four to six months to clear up their swollen prostate?

After this 4 – 6 month time-frame, you can stop taking BioVibe without having prostate enlargement symptoms return. (Not the best marketing scheme for the manufacturer, but definitely better for you.)

Better still, BioVibe users most often experience some improvement in symptoms within 4 or 5 days when using the bottle a month dosage. If you don’t experience improvement in this time frame, you have an extra tough case of BPH and you’ll need to use two bottles a month for a couple of months before reducing.

When taken in this way, BioVibe has an extremely high success rate. Well over 90%. And after four to six months of using BioVibe, typically it is NOT needed any more. You don’t have to keep taking BioVibe like you do with all the other supplements for swollen prostate and BPH, because BioVibe deals with the underlying issues causing a swollen prostate.

Now, more than ever.

Pretty remarkable, especially considering the fact that most products promise so much and help so little. What has made the success of BioVibe even more amazing is that it is a vibrational frequency-enhanced water elixir.

We did not initially expect an energized water which essentially is delivering instructions and healing energies to your body, to have such a high success rate, especially for a tough issue like BPH. It proved to be super effective in reducing swollen prostates, however, even before it’s recent upgrades, and convinced me that the right energetic supplement, at least, can do wonders.

We found BioVibe’s ability to handle prostate enlargement issues quite remarkable when we first discovered its potential to help with this.

How BioVibe Works

Before vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, before tissue pH, before a molecule of an herb or a food nutrient can play a role in facilitating human health, your cells are reliant upon electricity. Research has shown that the human body generates 3 volts of electricity. This energy is used by the brain to send signals, by the heart to respond to stimuli, and is used by every cell to communicate with each other in order to facilitate cellular changes.

A drop in electrical activity is most noticeable in terminal patients that are “wasting away”. BioVibe enhances and energizes your body’s electrical activity and cellular communication with the special energetic frequencies it contains.

These energetic frequencies enable your body to balance hormonal production because these energies help the cells that produce your hormones work better, so your hormonal balance naturally improves. Just what the doctor ordered!

Next, BioVibe fights prostate infections in two ways.

BioVibe acts as an immune system modulator. What this means is that it improves or turns on the ability of the immune system to fight infections, and turns down the over-responding inflammatory response of the immune system.

This turning down of the inflammatory response of the immune system helps in an additional way to reduce the size of a swollen prostate. In other words, as BioVibe enhances the electrical interactions and communication between cells, your immune system response improves and you are better able to fight infections.

BioVibe has additional prostate infection fighting capability. Some of the energies it delivers to your body directly disrupt and kill pathogens. Over the last 80 years, there has been much research documenting that pathogens (bad bacteria, viruses, fungus and mycoplasma) all operate at a low energetic level.

In other words, the vibrational frequencies pathogens need to survive are much weaker than the energetic vibrations that healthy cells have. BioVibe contains energies that will disrupt these weak, low level energetic vibrations that pathogens contain — and disrupts them to such an extent that the pathogens die.

These actions are enough to help most people suffering from BPH or a swollen prostate. But not everyone. So the manufacturer went to work on enhancing the instructions BioVibe delivers to the body so that it deals to some degree or another with every one of the major issues which can lead to a swollen prostate.

These enhancements turned BioVibe from a great product to an excellent one for dealing with BPH and a swollen prostate. There is nothing like it — and there is nothing else that even comes close to correctly addressing the fundamental causes of your swollen prostate.

BioVibe — Now SuperCharged With Additional BPH Busting — Manhood Boosting Instructions

Compared to all the other prostate supplements, BioVibe worked great before. With two major upgrades, BioVibe is now even better. Much much better.

Optimizing Hormonal Levels to Reduce BPH and Your Enlarged Prostate

The first major improvement in BioVibe came when it was additionally supercharged using unique and proprietary laser based and gem activated technology. This technology concentrates and stabilizes into BioVibe the energetic vibration frequencies of specific instructions to your body that are potentized in the unit along with the bottles of BioVibe. BioVibe carries these instructions into your body when you consume small amounts of this water. The cells in your body understand and respond to the energetic frequencies it delivers to your body. This technology and process is used in many different products to deliver specific energetic instructions to the body. And works extremely well — based on a large amount of feedback from many types of elixirs made with this technology — including a number of hormone influencing elixirs.

These additional instructions put into BioVibe make it even more effective and powerful in dealing with all the issues that may be the cause of your swollen prostate. First and foremost, BioVibe now carries specific energetic frequencies instructing your body to optimize your hormonal production and to optimize the hormonal levels of all your sex hormones.

Most importantly, BioVibe tells your body to optimize and increase your DHT production so that you have more DHT, less estrogen, — and will be able to more rapidly shrink a swollen prostate and reverse BPH. In fact, BioVibe increases production of, and instructs your body to optimize levels of, all your major sex hormones: 4-androstenedione, DHEA, DHT and testosterone, while reducing the production of estrogen including the most powerful estrogen, the one you need reduced the most, estradiol. Plus it tells your body to balance all sex hormones to optimal levels, including a 1 to 1 ratio for DHT and 4-androstenedione. Making it protective of developing prostate cancer.

Do you remember reading above how elevated levels of intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate in prostate cells causes your prostate to swell? BioVibe now has instructions to reduce levels of intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate in prostate cells. This action on its own could be enough to significantly decrease prostate size.

BioVibe tells your body to reduce production of the aromatase enzyme. This is the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. A recent study done on the effectiveness of using bio-identical testosterone hormones in men had to be stopped early because the group getting the bio-identical testosterone had twice as many adverse cardiac events as the control group. Actually, there were 23 such event in the testosterone group and only 5 in the control group over a six month period before they stopped the study.

Now low testosterone is not healthy. This group and the control group all had low testosterone and as a consequence half the men had cardiovascular disease. In addition, diabetes and hypertension were high in both groups. So what happened? Another study gives a clue. It showed that testosterone therapy increases levels of estrogen in male recipients. Both for young men and older men, but especially for older men. Turns out that as we age and put on a few extra pounds, this extra fat increases our production of aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. So the more testosterone you produce, or take, the more estrogen you end up with in your body as it gets converted to estrogen by aromatase.

Not only does this increase in estrogen cause adverse cardiac events, it feminizes your body, reduces your sex drive, and causes you to develop BPH and a swollen prostate — the reason you are reading this report. BioVibe reduces estrogen levels three ways. It decreases conversions of testosterone to estrogen by telling your body to decrease production of aromatase. BioVibe increases conversion of testosterone to DHT. As DHT cannot be converted to estrogen, while testosterone can, estrogen levels decrease as DHT increases.

The second major upgrade to BioVibe also reduces estrogen levels. Astragalus root has been added to BioVibe. Not just any ordinary astragalus root, but a version processed using a patent pending process which greatly increases its effectiveness. Some of the nutrients in astragalus root bind to the estrogen receptors. Just like DIM does. This prevents estrogen from binding to those receptors and thus reduces estrogen levels in yet another way.

Better still, astragalus root will improve your immune system response and thus help your immune system fight infections. The second major issue overall for causing a swollen prostate.

Remember. Almost all prostate formulas being sold reduce your levels of DHT. By doing so they are actually making matters worse. You need more DHT, not less. You need less estrogen. And if you reduce conversion of testosterone to DHT, which all these formulas do (anything that has saw palmetto does this, for example) you’ll have more free testosterone in your system. More free testosterone converts to more estrogen — unless you reduce the amount of aromatase enzymes in your body — which is precisely what BioVibe does.

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